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experience luxury without all the stuffiness

Our world-class team of talented barbers provides the very best haircuts, straight-razor shaves, and barber facial services for men looking for a Big Boss barbering experience

About Boss Vibes Barbershop

Nestled conveniently at the intersection of Dixie and Burnhamthorpe in Mississauga, Boss Vibes Barbershop (formerly known as Big Boss Barbershop) redefines the grooming scene in Mississauga. Our meticulously selected team of barbers and stylists boasts an impressive tenure, with most of them bringing a wealth of 10 to 15 years of experience to the chair. They are adept at delivering the latest trends in hairstyling, ranging from personalized haircuts to classic fades and tapers. Additionally, we offer precision beard trims and indulgent straight razor shaves for those moments of self-pampering.

At Boss Vibes Barbershop, we are dedicated to crafting an experience that mirrors the uniqueness and authenticity of our diverse clientele. We have meticulously curated an extraordinary ambiance where you can momentarily escape the hustle and bustle of your daily routine while entrusting your grooming needs to our exceptionally skilled barbers.

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3615 Dixie Rd Unit 6
Mississauga, ON L4Y 4H4

(905) 629-2094

Monday- Friday: 9:30AM to 7:30PM
Saturday: 9:30AM to 7:30PM
Sunday: 9:30AM to 7:30PM

Our Team

With an average of 10 to 15 years of experience under their belts, our barbers have seen and styled it all. They’ve stayed at the forefront of trends, mastered classic techniques, and consistently delivered exceptional results. When you sit in their chair, you can trust that you’re in the hands of seasoned professionals who understand the nuances of hair and grooming. Beyond their credentials and experience, our team is united by a deep passion for their craft. They view each haircut as a work of art, each shave as a precision endeavor, and each styling session as an opportunity to make you look and feel your best.


Each image encapsulates a moment of transformation, a testament to our commitment to bringing out your unique style. Whether it’s a meticulously executed haircut, a flawlessly sculpted beard, or a stunning hairstyling creation, our gallery speaks volumes about the skill, passion, and dedication that define our craft. Take a moment to explore our portfolio and witness the artistry that awaits you at Boss Vibes Barbershop in Mississauga.


Time Required: 30 Minutes

Treat yourself to your desired haircut with our signature shampoo hair wash.

Time Required: 30 Minutes

A classic haircut at its best for the seniors of our community.

Time Required: 30 Minutes

The same Big Boss haircut service at a discounted rate for the students of our community. (17 years and younger)

Time Required: 30 Minutes

Kids are welcome at Big Boss Barbershop. Our professionally trained barbers offer the same great Big Boss service for kids as we do for adults.

Time Required: 30 Minutes

Clipper cut using one guard over the entire head.

Time Required: 30 Minutes

A bald fade tapered down to the skin.

Time Required: 15 Minutes

Time Required: 15 Minutes

Time Required: 15 Minutes

Time Required: 30 Minutes

Time Required: 15 Minutes

Boss Vibes Packages

Time Required: 1hr 15 mins

Enjoy a haircut, beard trim lineup w/ blade, hot towel , facial with steam and black mask.

Time Required: 1hr 30 mins

Enjoy a haircut, beard trim lineup w/ blade, hot towel , facial with steam and black mask, ear and noise waxing.

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